Mechanical Engineering ( CAD/CAM)

   The demand placed on today’s engineer goes above and beyond the job description products have become complex and engineers are more frequently asked to leave specialised sales and to take on a wide variety of task that are beyond their traditional responsibilities these stars are centred on firm feet and function engineers need to factor in for broader concerns such as cost procedure meant sustainability manufacture ability and serviceability their role has moved away from an individual responsibility to working as a part of collaborative engineer team executive executing trade offs with both engineering and business stakeholders to meet project goals these trends have forced today’s engineers to broaden their skills are to be successful.

 Engineer’s today  required to be on the cutting edge of design innovation this means not only understanding engineer principles that govern the title and role but also perfect thing with two sets needed to design and develop products through this specialisation you will learn the foundation of applying computer aided design (CAD) computerised engineering (CAE) manufacturing principles while developing your technical skills within Autodesk fusion 360.

Some of the better results of using CAD/CAM is 

1- Better quality design.

2- Making document easy.

3- Designing productivity.

4- cost optimisation.

5- better visualisation.

Use of CAD/CAM software are

1- Aerospace – parts of satelites , aircrafts are manafactured by aeroplane companies .
CAD/CAM plays a big role in their manufacturing process . Before a Product is manufactured their design used to visualize the Product Through This Software Computers have Brought a drastic change in all the industries . As CAD/CAM have changed the development process digitally.

2- Dentistry – From the Past 25 Years CAD/CAM has brought a drastic change in dentistry  the technology used in Both the dental laboratory is applied to inlays , onlays , crowns and full mouth reconstruction .

 3- Automotive – It is one of the best fields where CAD/CAM plays a big role they are used to design manufacture vehicle tyres, engines and many. The job sector is the automotic field is very high it is the most innovative field. The automatic field always helps in return of new Materials with least investment. As robots are now performing post-machining operation in FMS the best benefit of robotics in CAD/CAM is to reduce lead-times increase the accuracy and better finishing.

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